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We are a team of energy and carbon professionals who want to help your business to improve your environmental and economic sustainability related to your use of energy.

We are Gen0

We can help you to achieve three strongly related objectives: Flecha 4

We can help you to achieve three strongly related objectives: Flecha 4

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Our Values

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We strongly believe that action is required to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions from human activity and specifically from energy use.


We are concerned about the environment and about sustainability in our operations and in our clients’ operations.


We promote an integrated approach to energy and carbon management including engineering, data analysis, management practices and behavior change.

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We believe in clear and transparent targets and action plans based on and supported by practical and informed decision making.


We always emphasise clear, simple, transparent and practical solutions.


We consider honesty and clarity as the main pillars in our dealings with our clients, our employees, and other stakeholders.

Our History


GEN Europe was founded in 2012 by a group of enthusiastic energy engineers and architects. Our initial focus was on energy management and energy engineering.

We have evolved from that focus to an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and carbon management related to energy use.

Our changing focus coincides with an increasing awareness among our clients and in society of climate change and the need to improve the sustainability of our businesses and our lives.

During the first 10 years of operation, we have built on our energy engineering and energy management expertise to include services related to greenhouse gas emission reduction including carbon footprinting and decarbonisation strategies and action plans.


After a decade in business, we relaunched our business with a new name and a new approach to supporting your business.

Gen0 signifies achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions through best practice in energy management.

“Gen” is an abbreviation of the Spanish words “Gestion Energética” meaning energy management.

We aim to continually improve our expertise, our methods, and our tools to support your business in reducing your energy related environmental impacts and costs.

Our Team

We are a strong team with more than 20 years of experience helping organizations all over the world to reduce their energy consumption, energy costs and environmental impact including carbon footprint. Our team includes professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience, lead by the company partners:

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